The Fishtank Episode 3: Marvin Gaye (what’s going on) ๐ŸŽง

Posted: February 15, 2011 in ๐ŸŽค All Podcasts!


Marvin Gaye (What’s Going On)

This two part episode is a catch up on what’s been going on with all of us and anything in the world since the last podcast.

Topics discussed:
How’s your week been?, cricket, what sport should be televised, Christmas and money, Leon’s week, Camden, punching the buses, football, Apprentice, X Factor, South African kidnaps, student riots, wikileaks, UFO, monsters, technology, superhero, deja vu, missing turtles, fox, mice.

Starring Sebastian Bowen, BwhiZ (Matthew), Rory โ€œTony Starkโ€ Osbourne, Leon “Polosophy”Williams and Sheg (Richard).

Find links for part one and part two below ๐Ÿ‘‡

Episode 3 MP3:
Part 1 MP3

Part 2 MP3


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