BBC Won’t be Using My Money To Fund Paedophiles Anymore ✉️

Posted: July 6, 2014 in ✉️ To whom it may concern


To whom it may concern at TV Licence,

It has come to my attention that a large part of my TV licence payments are used to fund the BBC. I am not happy with any of money being used to fund an organisation that funds paedophiles. Since the Jimmy Savile scandal and the many more BBC stars that have been arrested recently, I have stopped myself and my children from watching any of their programming.

If a large portion of my cash is going towards the BBC I would like to withold any further payments until all of these allegations have been resolved.

I look forward to your response.

Sebastian Bowen.

TV Licence Response

Dear Mr Bowen

Thank you for your email.

You may be aware that the BBC has set up an independent review to look into the conduct of Jimmy Savile at the BBC and the culture and practices of the BBC during the years that Jimmy Savile worked here. Although the review is centred on incidents which took place at the BBC, it may be able to signpost affected people to additional sources of advice and support. Details about the review are available at:

With reference to your comment about payment of the TV Licence, the BBC doesn’t have the discretion to waive the licence fee because of someone’s personal circumstances or views about the corporation. We must remind you that if you watch or record live television services on any channel you must by law, be covered by a licence, no matter what device you’re using. If a TV Licensing officer visits your premises and finds evidence of unlicensed use of television, you could be at risk of prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

I hope my response has been helpful to you. Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Tracey Taylor
TV Licensing

My Response

Dear Tracey,

Thank you for responding to my recent email.

Unfortunately I do not share your views on responsibility. I feel that the BBC does have a responsibility to vet their staff before and during their service to determine their character before putting them in a public space.

The Paedophile ring has expanded since the initial shock revelations regarding Jimmy Savile. Since then all of the following BBC staff have also been arrested in connection with paedophilia:

Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, Freddie Star, Wilfred De’ath, Max Clifford, Jim Davidson , Rolf Harris, Jimmy Tarbuck, Chris Denning, Paul Gambaccini.

Most of these stars are people that I grew up watching every day. Due to my love for art Rolf Harris was a particular favourite of mine. I can list all the different shows and calculate all the hours I have spent watching them since childhood. I feel violated to learn that my money and my parents hard earned money has in some way contributed to the wages of these monsters.

Seeing as I am unable to sue the BBC for previous back payments I have decided to refrain from paying for any more TV licences until the BBC can prove they are once again a morally ethical organisation.

You also state in your response that if I were to record or watch ‘live’ television services on any device this would also have to be covered by a licence. What if all the programmes that I watch are pre-recorded and are not broadcast live would I still need a licence to watch those?

Thank you for your time I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sebastian Bowen.

TV Licence Response

Dear Mr Bowen

I’m sorry you’re unhappy with the BBC.

I should begin by explaining that TV Licensing are contracted to collect and enforce the TV Licence fee. As such, I’d be unable to comment further regarding the points you’ve raised in relation to the BBC. Should you wish to contact the BBC directly, you may do so by writing to:

BBC Information
PO Box 1922

Or by telephone on 03700 100222.

A licence is a legal permission to install and use television receiving equipment to watch or record any television programmes, as they’re being shown. Part 4 of the Communications Act 2003 makes it an offence to use television receiving equipment for this purpose without a valid licence. Anyone found to be doing so risks a prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

As advised, neither TV Licensing nor the BBC has the discretion to waive the licence fee on the basis of an individual’s views.

Regarding your query about live TV, a licence is needed to watch or record any television programmes on any device at the same time, or nearly the same time, as they’re being broadcast.

A licence isn’t required if equipment is only used to play back prerecorded material, via VHS video or DVD for example, or to watch previously broadcast material via catch up services, such as the BBC iPlayer.

If you’re using television receiving equipment to watch or record television programmes, as they’re shown, I must recommend that a licence is obtained to legally cover such use, if you’ve not already done so. If you don’t use television receiving equipment for this purpose, we can update our records to show this, if you let us know and confirm the full address this is required for.

Thank you for contacting us.

Yours sincerely

Richard Bates
Customer Relations

My Response

Hello Richard,

Thank you for responding to my previous email.

I do own a television but it is only connected to my PC. It is not connected to any aerial or television receiving device such as sky or free view. It does not receive television channels live or broadcasted. I do however subscribe to a video streaming services to watch shows that I like but none of these shows are shown live or recently live and they are not always made or produced in this country.

Referring to your last email you state’ Part 4 of the communications act 2003 states that a licence is required to watch or record television programmes as they are being shown’.

I am confident that I am not watching or recording any television programmes as they are being shown. For example I have just started watching LOST on Netflix and that programme was made in America in 2006. This programme would not require me to have a TV licence would it?

Also I may decide to stream a programme that was broadcasted on TV an hour ago with a service such as BBC iplayer.

Please confirm that I am not breaking any laws and I would not require a licence to view these programmes or other such programmes like it through similar streaming services.

Once again thank you for your time Richard.


Sebastian Bowen.

TV Licence Response

Dear Mr Bowen

Providing you’re not watching programs as they’re being shown live, then I can confirm no TV Licence is required for the use of services such as Netflix.

As you don’t require a TV Licence we can put a No Licence Needed guard to your address which will stop our letters for two years. To enable us to do this we would simply need you to provide us with your address for us to update our records. You can either provide us with this information by return email or you can register you don’t require a TV Licence by visiting our web site.

I hope this information is helpful and thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely

John Brown
Customer Relations

My Response

Hello John,

That’s great news, now I can watch my TV without guilt and with the knowledge that I am not breaking any laws. From now on I will stream all content old and new through the internet one hour after it has been broadcasted on live tv.

I’m so excited I must tell everyone to stop paying TV Licence.

Have a nice day.


Sebastian Bowen.

PS Rolf Harris was sentenced today for five years for 12 indecent assaults against four girls – including one aged just seven or eight. I am happy to know I will not be financially supporting the BBC or people like this anymore.

PPS There is no longer any need for me to tell you my address.

Sebastian Bowen.
The Fishtank Podcast.

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