The Rant! ๐Ÿคฌ #01: See through leggings

Posted: July 8, 2014 in ๐Ÿ˜ก The Rant!


Before I start let me just say I am no fan of the sagging jeans and I am always telling my male counterparts to pull up their trousers. Over the years I have managed to convert some of my friends and got them to return their jeans to their rightful position.

See through leggings or whatever they are called is a whole different beast. I must admit a few years ago when I first saw it I thought it was funny and I laughed to myself as the crazy women who boarded my train blissfully unaware of her obvious wardrobe malfunction, right?

Wrong. Fast forward a few years later and I am still seeing the same unsightly picture but on a lot more women on a daily basis. The woman I saw years ago was just one of the first of many to slip into a pair of see through eye sores.

Women of the world let me just say this now, this is NOT a good look. I am confused because I don’t know how people can leave their house and not notice this. Is it poor lighting in the home? lack of mirrors? or evil family and friends encouraging them to wear it. If any of your friends are doing this you have a obligation to step in and rectify the situation. Harsh words and cold truths may be needed.

I would be appalled if any of the women in my family thought this was acceptable attire and they would have to physically immobilise me in order to leave the house like that.

Over the years men and women have had many fashion disasters but this has to be one of the worst, parallel with skinny jeans for men. Don’t get me started on skinny jeans for men.

Women I love you I really do but before you venture into the world today please stay classy and check your derriรจres.

Sebastian Bowen
The Fishtank Podcast.

  1. metalmantis says:

    True words well said. Can’t help thinking that some chicks do it on purpose though :-/

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