To whom it may concern at Evian,

I have been buying Evian for many years and find your product innocent refreshing and delicious. Since my first experience when I first tasted the sweet sweet comfort of the South of France minerals I have been a big fan of your liquidy treat.

At one point in my life I became totally obsessed with your water and I was spending anywhere in the region of ยฃ100 – ยฃ150 a week on Evian. I used to cook with it, clean with it, wash with it. I found it to be a great solution for acne relief and other skin irritations.

I still currently use Evian to water my plants and hydrate my three cats, H, Two & O. The cats really love it; they genuinely look healthier every day. I would be happy to send you images of them if you are interested in seeing the results of many years of adequate hydration. Maybe pets could be a new market that you guys could break into Iโ€™m sure other pet owners would agree.

Anyhow, the reason for my letter is to highlight something you may or may not be aware of. It was something that a friend of mine pointed out to me one day when the two of us were in the back garden relaxing and drinking Evian. All of a sudden Tony shouts out Oh no! And then begins to laugh hysterically. After what felt like an eternity he was able to wipe his tears away and compose himself.

He stated the reason why he was laughing was because Evian spelt backwards was Naive and I was stupid for believing it. I didnโ€™t want to admit it at first but he was right. It was written on the bottle plain as day. I tried to defend Evian by telling him that in 1829 Mr Cachat first started bottling the water from the Sainte Catherine spring Evian-les-Bains, France, the same fresh pure spring water that has been used in every bottle across the globe.

I told him that it has been recognised as having medicinal qualities and has helped many people all over the world. This only made him laugh even harder. He said the water represented a true reflection of how naive people are today then he continued to laugh some more.

Tony said he is positive that all this water comes from some tap in England somewhere, where they treat it with chemicals to give it a unique taste. He then proceeded to take out his laptop and show me some damaging evidence on YouTube.

I told him this was all nonsense and completely fabricated of course but he kept insisting that I had become blind to the truth.

After he finished laughing for the third time I asked him to leave, however the damage had been done. I couldnโ€™t help but think maybe he was right. Maybe this water does not come from France like I have always been led to believe. Now that I think about it I donโ€™t know anybody that has been to that part of France for a holiday or has even mentioned it before on their travels. Itโ€™s strange that such a magical place with one of earthโ€™s life sources is not publicised or visited more often. I have now added it to my top ten places to visit before the end of the year.

Anyway please could you help me shut Tony up and confirm that Evian is and always has come from a spring in France and not a tap in England? Just to be on the safe side I will refrain from drinking anymore Evian until I have your response.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerley

Sebastian Bowen.

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