To whom it may concern at Nestle,

My name is Sebastian Bowen. I recently purchased one of your many delicious products this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Although I have been a fan of the brand for 32 years, I had never tried this particular product before from your fine selection of merchandise.

The particular product I am referring to is the Hazelnut KitKat Chunky Bar. Two syllables spring to mind, yum and me.

First of all let me congratulate you on the evolutionary and revolutionary design of the KitKat range. When other chocolate bar manufacturers went for a two finger bar, you guys knew from the beginning that four fingers are better than two. I tell my wife that all the time.

It was a genius decision, please continue to praise whoever came up with it. Even on the odd occasion when I do have a two finger KitKat, I always end up having two of them thus consuming four fingers anyway.

I have been aware for some time that you do produce a three finger bar, but unfortunately as of now it is still a myth to me, I am yet to come across it in any shop. If you could tell me where to locate one I would be very happy.

Since the launch of the Chunky KitKat in 1998 it has been a regular addition to my daily lunch box and has brought much joy to a variety of break times. Not since the 1920’s when KitKat was first launched has there been a more inspiring bar. One can only imagine the excitement amongst the people when the bar graced the shop shelves with its presence for the first time.

A good friend, and long-time pen pal of mine Yoshi E Honda, regularly teases me about the extreme variety of KitKats available to him in Japan. He claims that Japan has 200 flavours of KitKat but I told him that couldn’t possibly be true. Please can you clarify if this is true with a list, and if so why are they not available over here for us British consumers.

I managed to find some images on the internet (see at the bottom of the page) but it’s hard to believe anything you see on the internet. Yoshi said that in Japan you can have any flavour you like. It seems a little unfair. Proof is necessary, please confirm.

Anyhow the actual reason for my letter is two fold. Firstly I recently discovered that you have discontinued the Hazelnut version of the Chunky KitKat to allow the Mint version to flourish.

It’s my understanding that out of the four new flavours you presented to us, the Mint flavour was allegedly voted the best by the British public. But having spoken to many other KitKat fans like myself, I do believe this is a mistake.

The Hazelnut bar was the far superior bar out of the four flavours, followed closely by Chocolate Fudge.

Although the Mint is a nice addition, I feel there are other confectionary products on the market that already have this angle covered. Such snacks as After Eights and Aero which are both fine products that you already own and manufacture, have catered to the chocolaty mint loving section of society.

Mint winning was just a little too obvious and cliché, evidently chosen by people that were not KitKat connoisseurs like myself.

Anyway this ship has now sailed and there is nothing I can do about it. However I felt it was necessary to voice my opinion, and highlight your obvious mistake.

I digress to my second point. As stated in my email earlier I have long been a fan of the four fingered version of the KitKat and have enjoyed it countless times. However since the birth of the Chunky KitKat I have always been torn between the two.

One day whilst I was solving another one of the world’s problems I had another eureka moment. Why doesn’t KitKat produce a four fingered Chunky KitKat? It makes perfect sense. Also instead of the standard single flavour for each finger, instead each finger could be a different flavoured Chunky KitKat. What could be more awesome than that! The answer, quite simply, is nothing.

I believe this is a great idea, one that should be rushed to the board of directors immediately. An idea like this is a game changer and will propel profits so high that the CEO of Nestle will be sitting on his new luxury cruiser, sipping champagne whilst thinking to himself, recession, what recession?

If you do not choose to go forth with my invention that’s ok, I won’t take the news too harsh. Besides I have already commissioned a chef to put together a prototype of what the four fingered Chunky would look like. I am happy to send you an image of this providing you promise not to steal my design.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Keep up the good work.

Sebastian Bowen.

P.S here are the images I found please send confirmation.


Nestle Response

Hello Sebastian,

We are always pleased to hear from our consumers. At Nestle we have people who continuously work on testing, developing and evaluating new product ideas.

Before a new product is launched we carry out market research into the needs and requirements of our consumers and we record all the comments received. Sometimes ideas which appear to be new may already have been explored.

We are very sorry but we are unable to accept creative suggestions from outside the Company. However, we are still very grateful to you for spending so much time and effort on your idea.

Unfortunately we do not sell every flavour of KitKat here in the UK. We do a lot of research into our brands and have found that the consumers’ tastes vary a great deal between different countries and cultures.

There is a wide range of flavours of KitKats available in the Japanese market although I am afraid I cannot get hold of the full list of flavours for you. Although you could take a look at the Nestle Japanese website: http://www.nestle.co.jp/.

The KitKat team are constantly reviewing the range of flavours we offer in the UK and this includes looking at what is available in other markets.

I can assure you that your comments have been noted and will be highlighted to the KitKat team ready for future development meetings.
We are sorry you had this experience with one of our products and thank you for giving us the opportunity to comment on this matter.

Zoe Nudd

Contact Centre Executive, Consumer Services.

My Response

Hello Zoe,
Thank you for responding to my previous letter. In response to your letter I have a few points I would like to touch on.

You mentioned that market research is always done before the launch of a project. How can I become a part of this? I think I would be a valuable addition to the team. I believe that refusing to accept any ideas from outside the company is a really bad idea. Consumers are the best people to tell you what is right and what is wrong with the product or the brand.

It is disappointing that the UK has such a limited selection of KitKats compared to Japan especially when the UK is now a diverse mixture of people from all ethnic backgrounds. I am sure some of the pallets of the UK citizens would surprise you.

The link that you sent me (: http://www.nestle.co.jp/) is only helpful if you can read Japanese. Although I am learning, I am unable to read the webpage at this time. However I was able to find a website (http://www.weirdasianews.com/2010/03/18/japans-strangest-kit-kat-flavors/) that highlights some of the many different flavours available over there.

To say that Japan has a little more flavours is like saying Dubai is a little hotter than London. It feels like the UK is miles behind in the evolution of the KitKat.

It looks like whoever was in charge of the decision making in the marketing team has been on a break for a very long time. I would like to offer my KitKat expertise to the marketing team as I believe I have a lot of ideas that could benefit customers in the UK. I would be happy to share those ideas with you on your request.

I hope that the KitKat will someday find a brighter future on British soil and become a much more diverse bar of chocolate than it currently is.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sebastian Bowen

Nestle Response

Thank you very much for your reply.

Unusual flavours of KitKats sell abroad but there is not enough demand for it in this country at the moment. We do a lot of research into our brands and have found that consumer’s tastes vary a great deal between different countries and cultures.

To have your ideas shared with the company you may be interested to know we have a Consumer Panel. The Consumer Panel is a database of consumers that we may contact on a regular basis asking for their input and idea regarding new product concepts or changes to established products.
If you would like to join our Consumer Panel, please complete the following survey by using this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZPB2VXL

I have also contacted the KitKat Brand team and let them know of the comments you have raised in both of your previous letters.

We hope this information will be helpful and thank you for your interest and loyalty to our products.

Yours sincerely,

Zoe Nudd
Contact Centre Executive, Consumer Services.

My Response

Hello Zoe,
Thank you once again for responding to my letter.

I am aware that different countries have different tastes but I am not sure that the British public are even aware that some of these flavours exist. How can they possibly know what they want if they have never been shown what is available. It sounds a little unfair to me.

I think next year’s Halloween would be a great time to test some new or strange flavours on the British public. Tomfoolery is widely accepted around that time of year.

Thank you for informing me of the Consumer Panel, I have signed myself up and I am awaiting the next stage. I think it will be fun to share some of my favourite ideas.

How exciting would it be if they decided to go ahead and make my Jamaican Jerk Chicken flavour or Strawberry and Mango flavour? That would be awesome!

I am glad to hear that my ideas have been passed onto the KitKat Brand Team. I am sure they will appreciate what I have done. I assume that they will not rip off my ideas. If I see any of my flavours out on sale I will of course expect you to send me a cheque in the post. I hate to be hard on you but times are hard for everybody at the moment.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Sebastian Bowen.

Awaiting Response

  1. Anthony says:

    Japan does indeed have a huge variety of kit kat bars–and I mean huge. In fact there are more coming out all the time. The Japanese population demands new things. Granted, most of them are not on sale forever. If you find a flavour you really love, it could disappear, never to return.
    There are some great videos on Youtube–I suggest you watch –Sharla at the kit kat store (yes, they have an entire store for Kit Kat in Japan.
    My advice, keep pestering them. Maybe they will send you an international sampler pack.–or maybe something more. Who knows.
    I just tasted the green tea Kit Kat for the first time–I wrote a review, but not a really in depth one– it was delicious.

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