The Rant! 🤬 #11: Wasteful Packaging

Posted: February 9, 2015 in 😡 The Rant!
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Amazon provides a wonderful service, it’s very quick and easy and hard to fault. But If there is one thing that I do not like about their service it would have to be the wasteful packaging.

Usually when I purchase merchandise, I like to go to the shops and buy it the old fashioned way from the merchant. I find that this helps to reduce mistakes, packaging and the length of time I have to wait before I can actually get my hands on the product. Occasionally though I am lucky/lazy and I find a deal or two online and I think to myself, why not.

So the other day I ordered a couple of kitchen utensils from Amazon. A standard spatula set to be precise, and this is what turned up.

The box is massive, it’s around the size of three size ten shoeboxes side by side. Surly this must be a mistake. This box is far too big for what I ordered. Oh well I guess I should take a look inside.


Wow, a ton of packaging. It must be protecting something really fragile and valuable. I wonder what it could be.


No way.


Really. All this, for this!


I’m grateful that I have my spatulas but they could have just sent them in a small padded envelope. I know it’s a small nitpick but it has massive consequences on the environment. Keep up the good work Amazon but reduce the packaging.

Sebastian Bowen.
The Fishtank Podcast.

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