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The Fishtank PodcastProductive Procrastination

The Fishtank is a website/podcast created and hosted by writer Sebastian Bowen.

Warning: If you are offended easily or simply do not have a sense of humour then exit this screen as quick as possible. Hit the Red X in the top right corner of your screen. If however you like to spend those boring moments in life searching for something mildly entertaining, then look no further you are in the right place.

Every word  that you will read on this website are the thoughts and views on life, how I or the company I choose to keep see’s it. Those views are subject to change based on growth and new experiences. Basically take everything with a pinch of salt.

There are many things to read from amusing letters, articles, reviews and rants. Plus hours of rambling from myself and the gang on The Fishtank Podcasts themselves. See links on the home page and also available on iTunes.

Please feel free to like, share or comment on anything you like, its the least you can do.

Happy Reading & Listening

Sebastian Bowen.

The Fishtank Podcast.


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